So why do we need Buildsys?



Unorganised industry.

Construction and Infrastructure industries are highly unorganised and are struggling with inefficiencies in many areas. These inefficiencies significantly increase project delays and costs.

Design Coordination 2 - 4%
Material Wastage 3 - 6%
Labour Wastage 5 - 6%
Poor Change Management 2 - 4%
Value Engineering Opportunity Losses 5 - 15%
Time Delays 3 - 7%
Quality & Closure 3 - 4%
Other 2 - 3%
TOTAL 25 - 49%

Gap between construction & technology.

There exists a large gap between the construction and the technology industries. People in the construction industry do not know what is possible with the latest technologies. People in the technology industry do not understand the problems faced by builders and how to solve them.
Latest technologies like Cloud computing, Big Data and Machine Learning, when designed for the these problems, can not only make meaningful data available to the stakeholders, but also can harness that data for informed decision making.


A construction project involves planning work done in offices and execution work carried out at the construction site. Key decisions, changes and associated documents need to be constantly communicated from the offices to the site. Similarly, work progress and updates from the site need to be communicated to the office management. The communication is often scattered across multiple channels and is not real time. This leads to miscommunication about key changes and decisions and lack of coordination between the ground staff and office management.

Every stakeholder is different.

All project stakeholders – builders, project managers, architects, engineers and contractors – need to be in sync about the project plan, key decisions and specifications. However, different stakeholders need different views of the same data. The data platform needs to understand the user needs and present the data intelligently.

Custom solutions, don’t stay up to date.

Organizations often develop customized software solutions for different aspects of their construction projects. These custom solutions are often not well integrated and don’t talk to each other. They are also difficult to maintain, lack proper support and do not update with changes in industry.

“So we asked, how might we design a technology solution for the construction industry, that helps reduce project inefficiencies, and builds effective communicate and collaboration among all stakeholders, and updates with the changing times and landscapes.”

Our Core Values

We believe, the people in the industry, understand their problems best, so we design our software with them, and for them.


We believe, that communication between people in the office and people on the site should be real time.


We believe that your data should be available to you from anywhere, at any time, even when you do not have internet. So we are mobile first.


We care about the safety and security of your data. Therefore we employ the latest and the greatest, security protocols.

Buildsys is Construction 2.0

Buildsys is Construction 2.0. It is not just about bringing data online onto the cloud, it is about equipping builders, project managers, architects, engineers and contractors with software platforms to harness that data, communicate effectively and run construction efficiently.

Meet the Buildsys Team

Yukti Arora20150523133058

Yukti Arora

Co-Founder & CPO
Yukti Arora is a design entrepreneur and product designer with over 4 years of experience in product strategy, user experience design and design resea...
Prateek Arora20180607101407

Prateek Arora

Co-Founder & CTO
Prateek Arora is a technology entrepreneur and product developer with over 6 years of experience developing digital products ranging from mobile appli...
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Sankey Prasad

Advisor - Product
Sankey Prasad is the founder chairman and managing director at Synergy Property Development Services Pvt Ltd; India’s le...
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Sunil Gujral

Advisor - Technology
Sunil Gujral is a technology entrepreneur and currently serves as the EVP and Chief Technology Officer at Quatrro BPO Solu...
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Roli Gupta

Advisor - Finance
Roli Gupta is an investment and fund management adviser to the National Skill Development Corporation working on the NSDC ...

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